Triangle Alphas

I am enjoying my new Alphas only 1 year old I am using Goldnote PA 10 mono blocks with Ds10 pre/dac/streamer also have PSU Evo 10 power supply     after my online research I am seeing more recommendations for tube/ hydrid amplifiers ie Aesthetix Mimas or  Modwright 225i maybe a Unison Research I keeping reading Parasound are warm .My friend has a Krell 300 I on at pair of Audiovector r3 Avantguarde it does sound awesome maybe it's that first 90 watts class A my cables are Cardas clear 


Triangle owner here, sorry. Triangles love tube amps, I'd put a pair of Quicksilver KT Mono blocks on it, you will love it. 

The hybrid amps like the Unico are nice amps but a Quicksilver is a big step up from that.