Triangle Antal 40th Anniversary get rave review in Stereophile Magazine

Oct 2022 issue. Article does a good job of explaining the Triangle sound. 


Yep …. TRIANGLE makes some VERY fine speakers that are true contenders  and no pretenders . Their top MAGELLAN line are highly recommended to audition.

The TRIANGLE 40th Anniversary Comete are also drawing high praise raves at their price point in standmounts. 





Triangle has a newly upgraded line of their top Magellan speakers, the 40th Anniversary editions. Being introduced this weekend at the New York Audio show, details were recently posted on the Triangle website:

My son is new to audio and just purchased 40th Anniversary Comete for a desk top system. First experience with Triangle for both of us. Tried many other brands with potential. He is very happy with his decision.   


My 2018 Comete’ EZ’s were “Ear Drills”… At first I loved ‘em, but soon after the honeymoon period of owning new speakers ended and the critical listening began the buyers remorse set in…The tweeter was just too much. Had the White One’s, absolutely a beautiful looking speaker on the matching stands.

I hope with the 40th Anniversary Edition they softened if up a bit.