Tribute bands or bands/artists making a comeback..any favorites out there??

Back when I was young I had the pleasure to see Led Zeppelin and Queen live in concert. Later I saw Robert Plant and Jimmy Page together. Nothing beats seeing the great musical artists of their era.
Now that I am an old fart, the original bands are gone (mostly) I have seen Zoso some years ago and was invited to see Killer Queen by a young friend discovering Queen's music for the first time. Those guys were good! Anyone out there fans of certain Tribute bands or bands getting back together to tour again.
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Great original bands still around : The Zombies, and Deep Purple. Long in tooth, but still rock.
This thread caught my eye as i was curious  to see what tribute bands would be posted.

2 folks above posted Musical Box..

Trust me if you like Vintage Genesis the Musical Box will absolutely blow you away

I im lucky enough to say i saw their 1st ever public performance and coincidentally i also saw their 1000th performance at a much much bigger venue...

I have probably seen them 20 times as i cannot resist anytime the come close to home...

Simply put they as good as an even possibly better than Genesis....
and yes i did see Genesis many many times..

and   The Drive By Truckers are the best band for my taste that started after the seventies had ended....
Great Caesar's Ghost is my favorite cover/tribute band. They play Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers covers as well as originals. To add credibility, Butch Trucks played with them on a couple of their albums. Unfortunately, when Butch passed away and GSG lost one of their members, they may have retired. However, their cd's are still available on amazon and CD Baby. I learned about them from RELIX magazine. Highly recommended.

- Doors Tribute band with the purported "Love Child" of Jim Morrison as the lead singer.

They mainly play around LA, but it appears they'll be on the East Coast next month.