triode versus pentode

What is the advantage of using pentode versus triode? I have an Ayon CD player and integrated amp and have switched from one to the other and not been able to tell the difference. Can someone enlighten me, please?
Thank you, Penonome
Your amp has output power tubes which can be hooked up as pentode or triode by flicking a switch. The pentode choice will give you about double the power of the triode hookup. If your speakers need the power you might hear better dynamics in the pentode mode. Sometimes the triode mode will give you a sweeter sound. Since it is easy to switch just try both settings and see which you like better. On amps like this that I have owned I usually like the pentode mode better. The triode mode is usually a design compromise
I have the Ayon Triton int amp. For jazz and vocal, I prefer triode mode for romantic presentation. For rock or hip hop, I prefer pentode mode which has better bass slam and grunt.