Triode Wire Labs High Power Digital American

Hi - I am looking at upgrading AC cables on my AVM 3.2s amps (400wps D class) currently I'm using Acoustic Zen's Tsunami Plus cables which is an improvement over the stock cables. Has anyone out there tried the Triode Wire Labs High Powered Digital American cables with AVM 3.2s amps? Anyone care to comment? Or have is there a cable you've tried with great success? 

Thanks, jb
I tried their digital AC cable and returned it. I'm not saying it's a bad power cord, I just did not hear an improvement over what I was using.

I do have a Triod "Seven Plus" pure copper power cord that I have used on all components successfully and the price doesn't break the bank.

I personally would recommend you look for a used HiDiamond P4 power cord. Works very well on all components in my opinion.

My answer would apply to your other posts regarding Triode Wire power cords.

I replaced Triode Wire 7+ AC cables with the Digital American on both Digital and analog components. I was very satisfied with the 7+ until a friend brought over the Digital American. Replacing twelve 7+ cables was not something I expected. However the difference in transparency, dynamics and openness was too much to ignore. The 7+ is a fine cable, and is bested in everyway by the Digital American.
I use TWL power cords on my entire system. I have the 7+ on my amp and used to have the 8 on my CD player. Upgrading to the Digital American on CD's made a nice improvement for me. There is a difference in sound between the copper plug and the rhodium. the rhodium adds a bit more bass punch and top end (think loudness button sort of), while the copper is smoother overall. All a matter of choice.