Triode Wire Labs or NRG Custom The Five for my 300b SET tube amp?

So currently, my Cayin HA-300 300b SET tube amp is powered by the Morrow Audio MAP3 power cable, which I think is quite a good cable with a smooth, neutral sound fairly wide soundstage and very nice vocals and detail. I listen mostly on my LCD-3 headphones and my DAC is the Chord Hugo TT2. I also have the Western Electric 300b and Sylvania 6SN7W metal base tubes on the HA-300.

What I'd like is a bit more dynamic punch and meat without sacrificing resolution and soundstage, as well as not going too warm or too cold.

So I'm looking at two power cables, the Triode Wire Plus Seven Plus or the NRG Custom The Five. Also, is there a good reason to go with the Ten Plus or The One since the 300b tube amp?


I’ve got a bunch of Pete’s wires in my system… obsession power cords mostly. Pete also has modified some of my cords for my new home in the uk. I wasn’t nuts about his speaker cables…


…but I Love Triode Wire Labs…!

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For the price of the cable why not try to find some nos telafunkin tubes to try.

@steakster that is a really strange saddle. I can't imagine going up long climbs on that. As for speaker positioning, luckily I'm headphone only at the moment, lol.