Triode wire or audio quest

Hello could use some insights on these brands audio quest and triode wire going to cable whole system amp,preamp intreconnets,speaker,power cord,turntable thanks
Hello that’s exactly what I’ll do he is a great guy . I talked to him a capital audio fest . sure we will come to the right choice for my system . Thanks for the response from the forum. Scooter

I vote for TWLs, having the -

pair of RCA ICs,
pair of XLR ICs,

and a "digital american" power cord that I use on my
transport to tame the top end digital glare.

But ...... if I had a really flat sounding system, I would probably go with the Aquest.
Its all about synergy, right?
 Just curious what components you are using with the TWLs? 

Ive found the TWLs sound good with Bel Canto Class D DAC and amps, the SPDIF tames my SimAudio CDP upper frequencies, and the ICs mate really well with Zu Audio speakers. 

I haven’t tried the TWL Speaker cables yet ....