Tripoint Audio Apollo Experiences WOW

Category: Cables

I have just purchased the new Tripoint Apollo ac filtration/ground system and to tell you this device has given me the most natural portrayal of the musical event I have ever heard from my system is an understatement! As a discerning audiophile that has had the chance, and luck, to own some of the best components in this crazy hobby; Tube Research, JM Labs, the Tripoint lets my electronics achieve their maximum potential. When Miguel Alvarez first approached me to schedule a demonstration of this revolutionary new product, I admit I was skeptical, and cautious, of the performance claims Miguel promised to deliver. There is no hard copy technical explanation on how this device works, but since the manufacturer is local and had offered a demonstration...I agreed to the home audition. The build quality and look of the Tripoint Troy is second to none. The African Bubinga mirror finish is beautiful and it sounds every bit as fabulous as it looks! The Tripoint is for the audiophile who demands nothing but the most innovative. I profess, I was not prepared to hear what I heard. First the Tripoint delivered the most holographic, layered sound that I have ever experienced. Familiar recordings that I had sampled over and over again took on a NEW life of their own! The music sounded as if multiple layers of veils had been striped away from the musicians. Not to be unfair, I have heard other ac filtration devices that remove grain and lower the noise floor, but never anything as quiet and as natural as the Tripoint. It just pulled me further into the music and made me forget about my electronics. I asked Miguel how he was able to achieve this natural voicing. He explained to me that the key is to eliminate noise in a more passive manner, while at the same time utilizing materials that have the correct resonating frequency. I'm still not entirely sure how it works, but I can tell you that the Tripoint Troy is definately amazing! Costly, but worth it because it really delivers. I recommend you do not audition the Tripoint unless you are prepared to pay the price, since it will spoil you and leave you wanting to keep it in your system. This is the closest I have ever been to the music!
Current Tripoint Troy owners need to experiment with isolation platforms to remove Troy from the floor. Tripoint THOR Master Refernce Ground cable users need to try Lignum Vitae footers for best synergy.