Tripoint Grounding Question - Troy Signature and Troy NG

Hello fellow Audiogoners - I currently own a Tripoint Troy Signature and I have all of my 3 components grounded to that box and love it ......I have the opportunity to get a TriPoint NG grounding box that is sonically more advanced than the Troy Signature that I currently own as I had mentioned. I have '' heard '' that keep the Troy Signature on the amp and pick up the newer Troy NG for your source components. Please let me know if anybody knows anything on this perspective and if they are running two model's of TriPoint in their systems. Thank you in advance ...stay well out there !     


I have the Troy Signature NG on the way, be here 24 Oct.  Give it a week to settle in and I’ll let you know how it performs.

The latest ground power cable from Tripoint Audio.

The holy grail in music playback.

I’m writing this because one of my customers is being attacked in the whatsbestforum, from a closed minded hater. Yes this new Tripoint power cable is the single biggest audible difference I’ve ever heard in my lifetime and this includes the many source components, speakers, and different rooms I’ve experienced in the last 35 years. Those who know my listening skills, know I do not bluff. The haters will ask for a technical explanation to try to discredit my thoughts, I will not disclose my techniques or bother with them. There are a group of haters that think they are experts and believe these grounding components are nothing but adding unwanted distortions and flavors back to music presentation, in other words altering the accuracy of the music itself. While this might be correct with many other grounding solutions and other cables. This is not the case with this extreme cable solution. Yes, this is the new benchmark in high frequency noise removal in the music. The Holly grail to my ears of what is possible in music realism. Finally the bass foundation fullness and rhythmic harmonies are restored in full body density. It will be hard to understand this concept without experiencing it for the first time ever. The so called experts opinions of different formats and equipment are worthless under these new conditions.  I will get a lot of heat from non believers from my conclusions, I really do not care. Hearing is believing. If any of you know my customer go experience it for yourself. Bravo Rudolf!! You have the last laugh with your wonderful system. Yes, the Tidal La Assoluta speaker masterpiece finally gets to sparkle. Water!!! Who knew music could be so pure.