TRL 595 Discussion Died Years Ago

Just wondering what 2008-9 opinions might be about the player.
It has being playing for a month and did break in by opening up etc.It is well broken in.Thanks for asking Bob.

My TRL 8001 sounds awesome. It’s beaten some high-buck players in my system. As for the Weitzel’s use of potting to conceal their work, I can certainly understand why. I’ve heard numerous horror stories of talented designers being ripped off in this hobby. Yes, concealed work immediately opens one up to suspicion, but as I said, I can understand why Paul and Brian do it. I’ve known them for quite a while now, and I can assure anyone that there’s nothing underhanded going on. It’s just a case of talented people wanting to protect their work from the unscrupulous.
I sent the Marantz SA8001 back to Paul and he claimed Marantz had a faulty part in the unit which must have failed when I fired it up...or so I assume.I sent the unit back across the border twice because they refused it at the border now that anything with a laser over $500 is considered a"potentially hazardous product".The bureaucracy and paranoia down there is just off the scale since 911 and all the bona fide security issues it raised.I do blame you folks however this is just crazy.

Anyway,in the end Paul sent the unit back to me.My overall shipping costs were in the $300 range however the unit sounds absolutely breath taking after a lengthy break in.I have never heard any digital front end regardless of price sound so good .Paul is a very kind and patient man and IMHO his mods are the real deal.

Happy Listening


Kelowna B.C.