TRL ST225 - Goodness anyone else own this amp

I will soon be writing a review on this amp and wonder if any fellow Agoners own this gem. If so, please let us hear your comments on it. I am nothing short of amazed by it. I had to "downsize" and sold a tube monobloc amp and tubed preamp combo costing over $15,000 new. Both pieces were fine sounding and well regarded.

I ended up trading a set of speakers for a TRL ST225 integrated amp. I had never heard of this amp before and was not aware of Paul's work.

All I will say for now is this integrated amp bested my previous set-up and is the finest sound my speakers and room have provided.

I am a tube guy folks and this SS amp is still the finest amp I have ever heard. I put $5000 in the bank and have better sounding music. Now that is exciting!!!

They cost some $5500 new and mine was purchased/traded as used. It had just been updated by Paul and came direct to me once the upgrade was finished.

Happy in MN


I am also getting one of his power cords for the ST225. Don't need one for the CD player as it will also have his battery mod. I don't think a power cord will matter on his fully modified Sony with battery?

Like to hear your comments on this.



If you are getting the battery powered Sony DVP NS900V, unless I am not recalling correctly or the design changed from when I ordered mine only the analog stage is battery powered. The digital circuit still requires AC power. You may want to check with Paul or Brian on this.

I never got to listen to my battery powered TRL CDP. It was damaged in shipping and I then decided to trade it in towards the battery powered Pre-1.5 preamp. Brian recommended the Silver model PC as he said Paul voiced the preamp with this cable.
Actaully, the battery power supply for the Sony 900 also feeds the 5 volt regulator that supplies the digital board. I believe that the only sub component powered by the unit power cord is the 3.3V that drives the transport motor.

Brian or Paul would know for sure. Either way, the TRL silver series power cord makes a difference, even with such limited use. (To just drive the transport motor)

Bill: How many hours on your amp since you've recieved it? Just curious if you've experienced much break in?
Yes it now fully broken in. I did find improvement over a 150 hour burn in time. I played it 24/7 for a week and have been listening for another 6 weeks or so.

I say the amp now has over 300 hours on it.

You are correct about AC power running the display and motor transport.

I searched the Tube Research Labs website and I couldn't find any info on this ST-225 integrated in the product category. I think it retails for @ $5,500.00. Grannyring, what speakers are you currently driving?