TRL ST225 - Goodness anyone else own this amp

I will soon be writing a review on this amp and wonder if any fellow Agoners own this gem. If so, please let us hear your comments on it. I am nothing short of amazed by it. I had to "downsize" and sold a tube monobloc amp and tubed preamp combo costing over $15,000 new. Both pieces were fine sounding and well regarded.

I ended up trading a set of speakers for a TRL ST225 integrated amp. I had never heard of this amp before and was not aware of Paul's work.

All I will say for now is this integrated amp bested my previous set-up and is the finest sound my speakers and room have provided.

I am a tube guy folks and this SS amp is still the finest amp I have ever heard. I put $5000 in the bank and have better sounding music. Now that is exciting!!!

They cost some $5500 new and mine was purchased/traded as used. It had just been updated by Paul and came direct to me once the upgrade was finished.

Happy in MN


I should first say that I really like the Nuforce amps and was very satisfied with them. Bill says it better than I can in that it does not sound like tubes or SS just great music. When you hear live music in most situations it does not sound like any stereo system and the TRL mono blocks sound more like live music than any amps I have heard. I hope this somewhat explains what I meant by saying another league. I may not be able to write exactly what I hear but from the first note I knew the TRL's was very special. One more example when I first asked my wife to listen to a cut from Alision Krause she stayed thru the entire CD and we then pulled out numerous other CD's. Now my wife does like to listen to music but she has never sat in front of my system and listened to more than one cut. She basicly said your system just sound great, like real music.

Perrew - no pictures, nothing fancy looking just a plain black box.
Does anyone know if anyone will have a TRL amp set up at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest? I've always wanted to hear it.
Well said, Guys, ... it just sounds like music.

Chaz 801: Where are you located? If you live in Eastern Washington, you can hear mine.

Or maybe one of the TRL amplifier owners that live closer to you cab help out?
Thanks Jes

Thats the problem is that Im in Salt Lake City. It would be great if someone in my area owns this amp. I asked because i plan to be at RMAF again this year.