Not sure this is right Forum but I'm desperate. I have an  Tube Research Labs amp  that the owner Paul Weitzal made for me 9 or 10 yrs ago.  January 2019 the amp started to cut out,  contacted Paul but learned he had pasted away.  Received email  from TRL  saying  still in business with new Owners.   Gregg from TRL contacted me and told me to shipped it to an  address in Houston which I did, insured for $5,000.  A few weeks later around the end of Feb. Gregg sent me an email telling me the amp was over heating. The 1st of March I email  Gregg with instructions on what I wanted done. That is the last time I had any contact with Gregg!!!!! I sent email after email to TRL pleading for someone to tell me where my Amp is????? The last of week of August,  I sent an  email to TRL saying if I didn't hear from anyone I will go to stereo sites and tell my story!!  Immediately had phone call from  Leon in  NEW YORK asking me "what 's going on?"After explaining the situation to Leon, said "would call me back in a couple days". So needless to say  Leon never called back and when I call,  he is never there and leaving a message does no good.  I'm hoping someone can tell me what to do????IF nothing else, do not do business with "Tube Research Labs"
Thanks Kim
stereo5’s suggestion to only buy equipment manufactured by large companies is a good one. I would eliminate GE, as it's on the ropes. I also agree with the idea of buying a plane ticket to visit the place you sent your amp. Finally, my solid recommendation is ALWAYS buy locally. Search the internet for equipment you want, but if you can’t drive to see it, move on! That way, you won’t be the author of stories like these that are becoming all too familiar.

What is it you mean by saying "GE is on the ropes"   Could you explain what you mean?   Thanks.
Tonykay it's a little hard to buy the gear you want used locally. I'm vey trusting and before PayPal was popular I was sending large sums of money with USPS money orders buying off Audiogon. Luckily I never got burned, there are good people out there. Motoman is right. My dad was an attorney and his advise in a situation like this was always get a lien on there property if they have it. It becomes a waiting game to get funds. There now trapped with there property. Hopefully it will be a deterrent and don't want the hassle and send you your property back, good luck.

Hi Guys,
Wanted to give an update. Thursday missed  a call from Leon in NY but left message saying he had an update with my Amp and asking me to call. I called but he wasn't in so left message asking to call me back.  Friday did  not hear  from Leon and I was busy at work today and did not have chance  to call. I will call Saturday. I will give updates as they happen. 
  Also want to thank Everyone for helping me out with this. Few a You have reached out to me with information on TRL.  Again want to Thank Everyone for being helpful and supportive.