Troika Troubles

I have a Linn Troika cartridge. It is a low output design,.1Mv. I am upgrading my pre amp and will need a phono pre-amp with adequate gain.Is there anything out there that can do the job for under approx.$1,000 CDN. This is proving harder than choosng the pre-amp.For the record I'll be getting a Blue Circle BC21.1.
Thanks for your thoughts.Dave
Message boojiking ( Mike Soares ) who is a Linn expert. He had a phono stage for sale this morning in your range. He'll tell you if it'll work with a Troika, and he might point you at an alternative if his is sold or not up your street. Good luck !
Why don't you look at Blue Circles BC27. It has more than enough gain for the Troika. At a later date it can upgraded to Pi version for even better sound.
Unless I'm mistaken the BC27 has only 59db of gain. My current pre-amp has 62db and you almost have to turn it up full to get a reasonable amount of volume.
One option I have been told about is the Trichord Dino. It has selectable loading and gain,but I have no idea of how it sounds and unfortunatly it seems likely I'd have to buy itunheard.