Trouble casting Qobuz from laptop to Cambridge CXN V2

I use chromecast built-in to cast Qobuz from my mobile devices (ios and android) without a problem. However, when I try to do the same from my laptop running windows 10, both the Qobuz app and web version do not find my streamer and is not among the options to cast to. Has anyone found the same issue? Any solutions you may suggest?

I've tried with firewall inactive and changing settings in the laptop, but nothing works.

Thanks in advanced.
Why are you using your laptop? The Cambridge has it's own app and streams Qobuz natively, you don't need your laptop or the Qobuz app to do it.
You are correct, however, the Cambridge App is not great. The Qobuz interface is a lot nicer,  easier to use and allows me to find music and explore. It is just for convenience.

I want to control the music from the laptop while I'm working, and I do not want to have to pick up my phone or tablet to do it. I also prefer having everything on the bigger screen. With chromecast built-in I can still stream at 96KHz/24bit when is available in Qobuz.