Trouble tracking new Norah Jones LP

Anyone having problems tracking the new Norah Jones LP, Live From Austin City Limits? Picked it up at Waterloo in Austin and can't track it with Linn Majik set-up. Indicate what TT, cartridge, arm you running and if you are seeing the problem. The BASS on cut 1 side 1 and on the LP in general is HUGE! Maybe a bad copy of the LP? Thanks
Same problem here. Teres TT, Shroeder M2 arm, ZYX Universe Airy-2. I thought it was my table!
You don't mention the stylus force settings. If your tracking too light, that may be the issue. Just a thought. Happy Listening.
Now you've thrown down the gauntlet!

I haven't bought that LP, but now I think I will. I'll be very surprised if my KAB fluid-damped Technics SL1210M5G with AT150MLX cartridge *can't* track it.
WHat do you mean by having problems tracking? Do you mean skipping or distorting? I have never had a problem with this LP. You are right...the bass is a little much.
Of all the front ends listed, Swampwalker's should have the least amount of trouble tracking difficult passages. It's easily the best combination.

That would suggest some bad pressings are in the market.

This is not unusual for new and/or reissued vinyl.
To clarify, getting distortion and skipping on several of the cuts where the bass is very loud. I am tracking at the recommended 1.75 gms for the Adikit. Same problem at the max 2.0 gms.
The little sucker jumps right out of the grooves on the some of the bass notes; sometimes a good 3/16" of the radius. I do not use damping fluid on the Schroeder. Tracking at 1.8 gms.
Did you check the vinyl? Any track in particular besides the first? What pressing do you have?
Since Norah-One-Note-Jones, can only sing the one note, shouldn't be a problem.... Here a bit of one song, you've heard the whole LP.... :-)
08-14-08: Swampwalker
The little sucker jumps right out of the grooves on the some of the bass notes; sometimes a good 3/16" of the radius. I do not use damping fluid on the Schroeder. Tracking at 1.8 gms.
Try it with damping fluid. Tracking hideously warped records and outsized groove modulations are what fluid damping helps do best.
I've been trying to figure out what dampening fluid is for. I have a VPI Scoutmaster w/sig arm and it came with the fluid. Can someone enlighten me? (sorry that it's off topic)
I have the new 180 g and it jumps so much I can't track even one song. finished the first side in about 10 minutes! And btw, 09rdking, that's why they make chocolate and vanilla ;~)
Johnnyb53- my rig tracks the first NJ 180 gm LP just fine so I'm thinking its the pressing, now that I hear others are having trouble, too. I've been reluctant to try the damping fluid; my system does not, I don't think, need to be "toned down" (pun not intended) and with the Schroeder's unique pseudo-unit pivot, I'm not sure how you would remove the fluid if you decided you did not like it.
Madfloyd. The damping fluid is for damping the arm. If you take the VPI arm off of its mount, there is a small cup=like affair with that big spike that holds your arm. That is where the fluid goes. Whether to use fluid at all is up to you. You didn't mention your cartridge, but, first listen carefully to a record just as is. Then remove the arm (no need to unplug it if you're careful), and put in that damping fluid 1 drop at a time while listening. It will probably ( with many cartridges) get better and better as you add drops of the fluid and relistening all the time. There will then be a point after a few drops, that the sound will become stuffy and less good. Take a toothpick, or a cotton swab and remove that extra drop of fluid. Voila!!
Genesis- the vinyl looks fine and was cleaned with Nitty Gritty prior to first (attempted) play.
Stringreen - thanks so much for enlightening me. My VPI sounds horrible, so that may be something worth trying.
Why not drop by with this infamous LP some day? It'd be interesting to see if our rig would track it.
Madfloyd..if the VPI sounds horrible, it is not the result of damping...that puts the "finishing touches" on to a properly set up and running turntable.
Thanks for invite. Good idea. I'm drop you an email off-thread. Of course, if it turns out to be OK Chez Deacon, I'll have to abduct you and Paul to try and figure out the problem in WH. And if you have not yet gotten your Mint-tractor you can get a sneak preview w mine.
OK, to those who have an interest; the LP CAN be tracked correctly, but it may not matter. I took Doug up on his generous offer and his TriP/Univ arm/cart tracks it just fine at a very low tracking force. However, the bass is very muddy and indistinct. Powerful but w little pitch definition. Overall sound quality is not great at all and the use of male backing vocals on some tracks is more than a bit weird. A disappointment, esp. when compared to the superb quality of the LP of her first album. Now you may not like her voice (I do but whatever), but her band is outstanding and it really shines through on the LP vs the CD or the SACD.