Trouble with 20-bit HDCD


I purchased a CD that turned out, on delivery, to be a 20-bit HDCD published in 2002 (although the disk itself brand new). The music on it is very rarely recorded (Girolamo Kapsberger’s “Jesuit Opera”) and only available in this format.
My Project transport (Box RS) doesn’t recognize the disk, however. I presume that there is no solution to this problem (apart from buying a different transport) but I’m still interested in what kind of compatibility issue may cause the problem.

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That is very odd an HDCD disc should play fine on any CD transport. If you don't have HDCD decoding in your DAC you won't get the full benefit of HDCD but the disc should still play.
Did you know that Kaspberger’s first name is really Johannes ?  He was a German working in Italy (his patrons referred to him as In Tesoro de Tedesco) and probably Italianicized his name at one point.
  Regarding the HDCD issue, I have several HDCDs ofthat era that have played on several CD and SACD players.  Have you tried it on another player?
No compatibility issues.
For convenience, I have ripped all my CD's and then wrote some scripts to scan for HDCD and decode them. Now all my HDCD's are stored as 24 bit FLAC.

I imagine there is some conversion tool out there for whatever PC / OS X you are using as well.

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Thank you all for the help.

- eventually, the only thing I could do was copying, bit-by-bit the CD into my digital library on an SSD, so at least I can now listen to the music, without compression and through a DAC;

- the problem was not the DAC - the signal never quite made it that far, since the transport itself didn't recognize that it was fed a CD;

- other players: my 10-dollar CD-radio in the bathroom played the disk without a problem. Perhaps I should give up on all the fancy stuff and just go back to the boombox of my greener days;

Kapsberger: yes, and thank you. I also have a number of recordings with his music but, being a lutenist, I mostly focused on his plucking and not his operas.