Trouble with 20-bit HDCD


I purchased a CD that turned out, on delivery, to be a 20-bit HDCD published in 2002 (although the disk itself brand new). The music on it is very rarely recorded (Girolamo Kapsberger’s “Jesuit Opera”) and only available in this format.
My Project transport (Box RS) doesn’t recognize the disk, however. I presume that there is no solution to this problem (apart from buying a different transport) but I’m still interested in what kind of compatibility issue may cause the problem.

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There is a version available on Amazon Prime music from a Dorian release.Pretty stuff.
It’s the disc not your player. For instance, I have innumerable Grateful Dead discs and their entire catalogue including their live releases are HDCD. My player as most are not able to translate the HDCD encoding, means zilch. Nor does the bit rate of the disc mastering. But I have some Dual Discs that don’t want to be read on the CD side. No rhyme or reason. As some else mentioned, it’s those pesky pits and all it takes is a few. One disc big deal. Don’t sweat it!
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