Try Stillpoints footers under Power Conditioner?

I was wondering if people have tried footers especially stillpoints under a power conditioner like the Synergistic Powercell?
I have always used Sorbethane products and recently switched to some Ginko footers and so far I can't say I am hearing difference good or bad.
I will switch back and see if that is more telling. By the way it is a Running Springs Jaco.
Yes. Highly effective in my system under a Shunyata Triton and Typhon. According to Stillpoints, this is the 2nd most effective application after the speakers.
I have the Ultra SS under my Accuphase PS1210 and they Work Wonders. Highly recomendebel.
I would assume you too would gain a lot. But try it and lisen.
I got terrific, ultra wonderful results with a hired medicine Man dancing around it ...