Trying to find an amp that matches my tastes (aka death metal)

So I think I am ready to change my set up/upgrade.

My current analog chain is VPI Prime (Orto 2m Bronze) > MX-VNYL > PrimaLuna Prologue Classic > Zu Omen DW mkII. Digital is Rega Apollo > PrimaLuna Prologue Classic > Zu Omen DW mkII

I feel like I am ready to move into separates and have my eyes on either the Schiit Freya + / Aegir monoblocks or a Rogue RP-1 / First Watt J2.

The issue I have is access to local dealers and also my musical tastes.

Not discounting people's likes, but so much of the audio world is geared towards Rock/Classical/Jazz and I have a very difficult time finding reviews that cite death metal/hardcore/trash metal. I also listen to a good deal of scores and jazz, but a large potion of my time is spent with bands that sound like the following:

Gorguts - Obscura

Death - Lack of Comprehension

Mare Cognitum - Weaving The Thread Of Transcendence

The issue I feel I am having is that I am not hearing much detail or clarity. Some of that might be down to the recordings, but I am wondering if there is a different set up? Would a move to tube/SS help? or all SS? Maybe a SS amp and a passive pre?

I don't feel I want to chase warmth, I'd rather feel like I am at a show or in the recording studio, if that makes sense.

Any help is appreciated!
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Thanks for the recommendations. The EQ is a great suggestion that I hadn’t really thought off. Time to buy one and see!

i do tend to use mid era slayer to evaluate. The production on south of heaven is rich as hell.
"I do tend to use mid era slayer to evaluate. The production on south of heaven is rich as hell."

Ah yes, forgot about that one! Some good old Cowboys in Hell is fun too!

And I would tend to agree with the above regarding equipment. You definitely need fast speakers that can handle the "tick" of current blast beat kick drums, along with the heavy mids of detuned guitars. Current metal is just slamming. In fact, I try to avoid a "box of chocolate" mixes when I put together various playlists. Invariably the metal stuff (Def Tones, In This Moment and a few others that are on the list) pop up at a nominal volume set for other styles and just blast overall. Good ol' metal. I usually listen to my metal stuff very specifically to avoid this. Best thing to do is walk into your local Hi-Fi store with South as Heaven que'd up and have fun. Then watch the sales person wince with your music selection. Lucky for me, my local guy is a closet metalhead and we get to have fun with some of the "big stuff". To date, McIntosh for whatever reason, seems to handle metal very well through a variety of speakers.
Get a set of powered dj speakers and go nuts.  Heavy is a pretty scooped sound . 2 ways will work fine. If you did go separates youll want minumum 75 watts tube or 150 watts chan solid state. . Why i say dj stuff is some people arent able to hear their speakers are distorting at all . I have a buddy the melts everything due to this fact . Death metal has enough rawness to it that its almost indistinguishable the destruction happening . A big set of jbl powered dj speakers will live through almost anything you throw at them.   The new ones control with an app. You should be able to destroy whats left of your ears in short order. Otherwise just go to your local electronics store on boxing day and buy some pioneer and klipsh expendable  stuff and let er rip . Ok in listen to heavy stuff sometimes aswell but not the stuff that sounds like cookie monster on crack . 
I’d personally look into the Schiit Vidar (or 2 run as monoblocks) and a Freya + with your Zu’s. The Schiit Aegir puts out 20 wpc, but 80 wpc when run as monoblocks. Keeping with Schiit gear will add synergy, and Zu spkrs seem perfect for that combo. Those or Tekton spkrs would work perfectly for what it sounds you’re searching for. Tekton Pendragons have extremely tight and focused low end. I listen to all types of music, but grew up on and love punk rock and metal too. A good EQ such as the Schiit Loki would come in handy too. EQ’ing that type of music can’t hurt. No need to be a purist, IMO at least. A little EQ never hurt anyone, and if you can enhance your listening pleasure with the use of one, more power to ya! Good luck, buddy!
EQ is a great way to destroy sound quality. Tube buffer, etc. Kiss definition goodbye. You have been warned. 

For cleanest path I recommend going Integrated DAC direct to amp(s).  I use such a setup lots and it is stunning.