Trying to get bluetooth headphones connected for TV audio

Hello, I'm new to the forum... First post.  I am trying to figure out a way to play my TV audio from my smart TV on Bluetooth headphones.   I have a TCL  Roku TV.  I have a Visio soundbar connected to the optical port.  I tought about using a Bluetooth tranmitter but not sure how to overcome the TV headphone jack issue.  The headphone jack overrides all other audio outputs.  To utilize the transmitter, I would have to constantly unplug it to hear the speakers. I don't have an AV receiver.  So I need bluetooth audio to be transmitted to my headphones, without having to plug something in. Also, I'm not sure if latency would be a problem. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.


Can you hook up the bar to the headphone audio?

Then you could y-cord to a BT transmitter or wired headphones (if the latency is unacceptable.). Then turn down (mute) the bar during headphone use.

It looks like most smart TVs now have BT transmit built in, so you can turn speakers on/off.  Yours sounds older than 7 years so it will be much harder to do.