TT cable question

Hello.  Do I need both sets of IC cables to be grounded?  One from my TT to the phono preamp and the 2nd from the phono preamp to my preamp? Is that the way it works? 


A true balanced phono connection from cartridge to phono inputs to a balanced phono stage nearly always does not need a separate earth ground wire. (3 of my 3 balanced phono stages do not require a ground connection.) Typically, ground floats in such a connection. Typically also a balanced phono will offer XLR inputs. Also, to amend what E wrote, sometimes the TT itself may need to see common ground not just the tonearm, in SE mode.

The Cartridge is a balanced device is not grounded although some designs may ground the shell of the cartridge through the mounting points. It is the tonearm that is grounded. This is by a single wire that goes from the tonearm to the phono stage or preamp. As @theflattire seems to have noticed sometimes it is not necessary to connect the ground and in some instances it might even be quieter without the ground wire connected.