TT/Cartridge recommendations for Dynamic Music?

I want to upgrade my Technics DD TT.I listen to some Electronic Music and Progressive Rock with deep bass and fast complex music passages...TT design,Suspended or non for deep bass?..Cartridge,MM.MC,or High Output MC...Don't want the needle jumping around in the groove at higher listening levels.Does the same advice for mellower types music apply here?IE.Jazz,combos female vocals etc.?I don't want to spend $2500 if a $1k setup will do.IE Rega P25 and Denon 103 or 103R.If $2500 range applys,I tend towards Tom,TWL's advice on the Teres/Denon combo.Listening 80% Rock type,20% Classicial,jazz,Blues etc.Thanks all,JD
Well JD, you know what I think, but I can't say for sure how a non-suspended TT will fare in your particular application. I don't have any "jumping around" problems, but others might.

I personally think that a quality non-suspended TT with no soft or springy isolation at all, with good direct-coupling to the floor will yield the best dynamics. I think a good low-output MC cartridge will yield the best performance with lowest record noise.

If you are looking at Teres, I highly recommend getting one of the models with wood/lead shot loaded plinth. That was a big improvement for me, when I moved up to the 245 from the acrylic plinth of the 135. Especially the bass impact was improved with this.

As with most components, a $2.5k setup will do better than a $1k rig, unless there is something way out of kilter in either their setup or price. In the case of Teres, their price is out of line with normal pricing, and they are cheaper than they should be, for now. Other tables may respond to this, and there could be some other competition for Teres at that price range in the future. This would only be a good thing, as it would make great analog affordable, and with some good lower cost selection of products. Competition is good.