TT interconnects and power cords

Ok, so I just jumped back into vinyl, not wanting to let a massive vinly collection collect any more dust. I bought a Rega P3 (from Audio Excellence in Canada. Thanks Ian...little plug there.) And I'm wondering about the stock ICs and power cable, that cannot be changed. What's with that? Doesn't it matter with analog or do I just need to send it out for a mod? Is this something worth doing? And if I do, are there IC's made especially for vinyl? Or is the same as everything else..."It depends on what sounds good." The stock response to many of these questions.
Jrech makes some very good points there.

I might suggest the VTA adjusting collar from OL or Expressimo also.

Psychicanimal also makes a good point. But you will have to change the motor or get a different TT to upgrade in that area.
Another way to upgrade is to spend your money on the very best cartridge you can afford. I am not that familiar with the Rega line myself, but I am sure that the analog gurus on this site can help you pick out a really nice cartridge for your P3, one that will maximize its strengths. You should figure out what you are willing to spend on a cartridge (And then double it! Sorry, but they do tend to be expensive.)

Good Luck!
Thanks jfrech and Twl. And I'm not "worried" about anything; I was wondering what the groupthink is on this subject 'sall. I read about folks round these parts taking a perfectly good 5K CDP and tweaking it to the point of being unrecognizable in all but the trademark on the panel. So I was curious about what one might do with a reasonable quality TT that is all stock and seems bent on staying that way.

I also have some minor line noise, and upgrading cables has helped so far but not completely. If I could eliminate that as a possible source--if it indeed could be a contributor at all--I'd prefer to try that rather than drop a bunch of money on a land use attorney to appeal my permit app to build a new dedicated nuclear reactor in my back yard. I'm getting flack from Planning and Zoning. Something about spent fuel leakage or some such rot. I promised 'em I'd make sure it all got into the garbage bag but they ain't going fer it. So now I'm looking for Plan B
Rewiring the arm is a possibility but I am guessing that this is not a DIY project for you. Ian should be able to explain your options. I can vouch for the Expressimo Heavy Weight, it makes a very nice difference.

I take turntable mat swaps with a grain of salt. Many replacement mats are thicker than the original felt, and I suspect most of any difference in sound comes from the change in VTA.

But before making changes to your TT (which you haven't had very long, I gather), what is it you're not happy with in the sound? Maybe Ian could let you hear something more upscale, so you can decide if tweaking will do the job for you or if you need more than that.

(And needless to say, this post is just more or less repeating what my betters said above.)
I'm not unhappy with it at all that I know of, although I'm sure that if I stick around here long enough someone will start to make me think that I am or should be.

You're right, anything more than changing the mat or counterweight is not likely a DIY project for me. As I said in my second post, I have some other noise in the AC atmosphere, and upgrading cables on other components has helped so far. Incrementally. I don't know why and I don't really care why. But when I unacked the TT I was struck by the fact that you cannot EASILY upgrade two items that virtually the entire audiophile world seems to agree can make significant differences when upgraded on virtually every other component. What, those wimpy grey things suck when plugged into a preamp but they're state of the art when plugged into a TT?

What can I say? I'm just a curious guy.