TT setup in Orange County, California

I have a Clearaudio CHAMPION LEVEL II w/unify arm, clear audio balance pre-amp, Transfiguration Spirit cartdrige. The sound is crapy, not even close to my Muse CD player. Can anyone help me with the setup? I'm willing to pay for your time as well. Thanks!
Rest of the system:
Muse/Dac -> Emotive Sira LE (pre) -> Art Audio Jota -> SAP horn speaker (J2001MK).
Thanks. I already talked to Brooks, the problem is he won't come down to the place. Instead, I have to bring the TT there for setup. I don't think the setup will stay the same way after one hour driving....
try former absolute sound system setup man Scot markwell he can be reached through
800 457 2577 ext 22
he's available for this type service in your home he's not cheap but hey quality experienced service costs money
I live 45 minutes from Brooks and he has set up several TTs for me, as well as cartridge adjustments. Don't worry about transporting it after he is finished, unless you are in a accident on the way home, nothing is going to change.
Hello Linkoping

what was the end result, did you ever get this figured out? if so who/how/where....etc. as it turns out i'm in need of the same! thanks in advance