TT+tonearm under $5k


I'm trying to get into Vinyl, I need your opinions. Assuming a budget of $5k for TT + tonarm, what's the best bang for the buck combo out there(pound for pound, feature for feature)?

I don't want to buy used because I am aware of the fact that TT does not ship well.

Thanks for helping.
Dougdeacon, thanks for the suggestion! I'm looking into this brand seriously. I recently audition a VPI Super Scoutmaster, it's out of my price range, but at least I can use it as a reference point. I wonder sonic-wise how does the Serac differs from the SuperScoutmaster?

Pretty much can't go wrong with the galibier. Forget the anvil and put the remaining $300 into the tonearm.

Good Luck
Buy a used table/tonearm. Shipping is generally safe but if you're dead set against it, consider a road trip and pick up. Even if you must drive 4-8 hours, the savings will be sufficient enough to pay dozens, perhaps hundreds, of albums.

However, buy a new cartridge. Unless you know the seller, the used cartridge market is a minefield. I sincerely doubt every cartridge for sale has "less than 100 hours of careful use" as seems to be the case.

Good luck.
Absolutely buy used, especially since you are getting into vinyl. If you don't like it, then you won't take such a big hit if you want to sell your equipment.

Shipping an old TT is always a problem since usually there isn't a box and the owner hasn't a clue about shipping. However, the types of TTs on sale nowadays are simple and rugged, and the people on AudiogoN (generally) know about TTs and shipping, and lots of us keep the boxes.

Buy a used TT here on A'goN...the only way to go. Hell, just today I saw a used Basis 2001 that fits your bill...mighty tempting!