TTWeights closing their doors

Has anyone heard of this, just caught a recent for sale item from them that mentioned they will be closing their doors for table manufacturing on 12/18/15.
I suppose you could say that my feelings are selfish.  The more players there are in the vinyl game, the better and more novel will be the products from which we can choose.  The loss of TTW products, good, bad, or indifferent, is a loss to all of us in that regard.
Larry, is your carbon fiber tt mat still available? How does it differ from the Boston Audio mat?
There is really no comparable products on the market for center weights, periphery rings, turntable mats.  Yes, you will find other products.  However, they do not compare in design, craftsmanship, materials, universal fit, and value for price.  I am very sorry to see their departure from the market.
Sorry but I know others that sold their TTW tables, including myself and a very good customer who had several issues. There are many e-mails on Audioasylum who didn't have good experiences with their own TTW tables as well. Speed accuracy was a big issue. My customer still has his TTW outer rim with the weights hanging off that 4 have come off and now it's an ugly paper weight. (Tried gluing back on but they keep falling off). So not everything was as rosey as it's made out to be. Just saying.
I am angered that TTW chose to slam VPI in this post.  What did VPI ever do to TTW for Larry to go on and on like that?  Personally, I thought the TTW turntables to have way to much bling.  Not a fan at all.  I did have one of TTW brass screw down clamps (2 pounds) for my VPI turntable but it tarnished often and I got sick of having to clean it..