tube amp dilemma with electrostats

I am just getting into tubes as i have a dedicated home theatre system but want to get away from that solidstate sound for 2 channel.I currently use the anthem p5 for the 5.1 sound. I want to use my modified shanling cdt100 cd player directly into the tube amp of choice to power my martin logan ascents.This is where the dilemma begins:a friend borrowed me his dynaco 70 to try out and i fell in love with tube sound but the dynaco is a little under powered [35wpc]i think for the logans .He thought that if he brought over his original mcintosh 275 and we tried it out that we would be in awe.Well we both couldn't believe that the dynaco sounder richer and warmer than the mac.We tried changing the tubes from kt88's to the 6550's and that made it a bit better but still not like the dynaco.the sound from the mac paired up with the logans was bright sounding, too close to solidstate.So i am looking for anyone that has had the experiance of a recommendation of a tube amp with the logans. I do not want to buy a number of tube amps before i find one that is a good match.For starting out i would like to spend up to 1500.00 for a used amp.Please give me some recommendations.
Thanks Les
Thanks for your input i am new to the tube addiction and very uninformed about the possibilities out there to bring out the best in the ascents.It appears that the help i have gotten from the recommendations gives me a good place to start.I know that i am going to start off putting one foot into the water but eventually [ like my home theatre system ]i will be buried neck deep.Thanks for all your comments and recomendations.
Calanctus, can't say that I hear a smoothing of detail. In fact, the recovery of detail is now a strong point and the greater inner resolution has made listening something that holds my attention. I had a concern that there would be a loss of detail or that some of the magic of SETs would go away, but that hasn't happened. In my system, the sound isn't euphonic--which I'd guess is related to 2nd harmonics--until it's really pushed. Actually, kind of amazing how loud the panels will play with just 8 watts. The biggest negative I've found with the autoformers set at the appropriate taps is that they are showing the poor integration of the bass with the panel. I know this is only made worse by the use of a PP amp on the bass and SET on the panel.

Les, I am happy for you--finding your way into the tube world! It's as crazy or sane as you want it to be. Your idea of dipping your toe in with a single, good quality amp seems like a great way to start. After you get it, let us know how it sounds! Enjoy.
Hey guys i'm starting to hear talk about the Primaluna Prologue 2 integrated amp. Any of you guys have any experiance with it, supposed to be great with electrostats. Can anyone elaborate ??
I have a PrimaLuna with my Magneplanar 1.6 and it is wonderful. I used to own Matin Logans years ago and I know this: You want to make sure the amp you get has great "air" or the top end is brttle (ymmv)

The Prologue Two is incredible. I am so happy with it, and it is built better than stuff I paid a lot more for.

They have a pre-amp and amps coming out If it is anything like what I got with my PrimaLuna integrated I'm in! Best deal I have ever gotten in this hobby.

Since you like the tube sound, you could abandon the idea of running the player directly into the amps.

Get a nice, full-sounding SS amp (Pass, Clayton, Rowland, Plinius) and mate it with a Conrad-Johnson preamp.

That way you get control of the bass and a more liquid sound.