tube amp dilemma with electrostats

I am just getting into tubes as i have a dedicated home theatre system but want to get away from that solidstate sound for 2 channel.I currently use the anthem p5 for the 5.1 sound. I want to use my modified shanling cdt100 cd player directly into the tube amp of choice to power my martin logan ascents.This is where the dilemma begins:a friend borrowed me his dynaco 70 to try out and i fell in love with tube sound but the dynaco is a little under powered [35wpc]i think for the logans .He thought that if he brought over his original mcintosh 275 and we tried it out that we would be in awe.Well we both couldn't believe that the dynaco sounder richer and warmer than the mac.We tried changing the tubes from kt88's to the 6550's and that made it a bit better but still not like the dynaco.the sound from the mac paired up with the logans was bright sounding, too close to solidstate.So i am looking for anyone that has had the experiance of a recommendation of a tube amp with the logans. I do not want to buy a number of tube amps before i find one that is a good match.For starting out i would like to spend up to 1500.00 for a used amp.Please give me some recommendations.
Thanks Les
Since you like the tube sound, you could abandon the idea of running the player directly into the amps.

Get a nice, full-sounding SS amp (Pass, Clayton, Rowland, Plinius) and mate it with a Conrad-Johnson preamp.

That way you get control of the bass and a more liquid sound.
Jvn is on to something there, Les. That's how I started, and I must admit that approach has alot going for it. For starters, you get the sonic advantages Jvn lists, plus maintenance is lower with a sand amp. Also, you then have a possible upgrade path by adding a tube amp to the tube pre at a later date.

The prologue 2 is similar to my sonic frontiers power 1 in tube complement and power rating. I'd bet that it would mate quite well with your MLs, with only the deep bass control being less good than with a solid state amp. The gains through the rest of the frequencies will be so great that I'd wager you won't mind or miss what you don't get from the bass department. If you do eventually get the itch to improve your bottom end, there's always biamping...

Let us know what you find!
Thanks alot guys for your responses again.I do not want to get rid of my anthem p5 for another amp because my 5.1 is now where i want it to be, the p5 has power to burn and when those explosions or gunshots happen , it is the ultimate.However the idea with the primaluna for starters and possibly biamping later really appeals to me.Kevin from upscale called me today to discuss the possibilites of useing it with my ascents and he feels that it would generate enough power at moderate listening levels and maybe falling short at the upper volume range.the prima being an integrated also solves the possible impedance match problem at the same time.I think that i will start there and see what happens.Thanks
I add my vote for ARC. I drive Acoustats with Ref 300's with NOS tubes, and I'm a happy camper.