tube amp for thiel 3.6

I really want to try tubes with these speakers. Have tube preamp and very good transistor amp but the best systems I have heard all were tube amped. Want more music and less analytical. Want reliable. Hard to get a listen in my town. How about vac 90 90. various cjs. sf amp 2. want to spend uneder 5 g new or used
You might want to check out Llano Design ( They make hybrid class A amps with a SET front end feeding a Mos-Fet output stage. Give them a call and talk to Randy White, who will not try to upsell you. They have a thirty day trial period. I have a Trinity 100 on order to drive a pair of Wilson Benesch Act Ones. I was pointed to Llano Design by another owner of the Act Ones.
I second the opinion from Jall!! I'm using the Manley Designer Ref 240's ($3500`$4500 used) and they are a revelation. My speakers are Avalon Eclipse's which are difficult to drive for reasons other than impedance (they only dip to 5 ohms, but the crossover's used by Avalon are fairly complex). I've previously used a Levinson 27.5, McCormack DNA2 LAE with Rev. A upgrade, and Jadis Defy7 MkIV with the Avalons. Even though my previous amps were very good amps by most standards, I'm finally hearing ALL the magic!!! Very sweet midrange without sounding "tubey", extended highs, deep bass, but the most shocking thing about the Manley's is that they are simultaneously incredibly transparent and clean while providing the rich textures we tube-heads crave. Try them, you will not be disappointed. Also, Eveanna Manley and the rest of the people at Manley are great to deal with. True class act! Greysquirrel