Tube amp, more low end

I've just taken my first step into tubes, with a TAD-60. My speakers are Gallo 3.1's. I really like this amp! I can't believe how "real" the music sounds. It really is amazing. The one thing that I do feel is lacking however, is low end "slam", as well as control. I know generally speaking, this is a characteristic of tubes. But I'm wondering I there's an affordable tube amp ($1500-$2000), that will offer the magic of the TAD, but with some more low end control?

Also, the TAD is currently running el34's. Would switching to kt88's make much of a difference? If I need to spend $300 or $400 on better tubes, I'd just as soon upgrade the amp.

KT88s are generally more reputed to provide rock-type bass and drive than EL34s, but of course other factors in the amp come into play as well, notably the output transformers.

I've been trying to get good bass--weighty, defined, fast, extended--from tube amps for a while. I've found an amp's bass can be improved with a bit of work. Speaker placement and room acoustics count for a lot. Other useful measures include getting the amp down on the floor or near it, on a good platform or stand.
I've used both 100w Manley Snappers and my current ARC VSI60 with 3.1's
They have both sounded great.I f your amp does'nt provide enough bass for you
I'd strongly suggest you pickup a used Gallo sub amp.You can git one for less than $500 nad it will give you all the bass you'll EVER need.Plus you can tune the low end to match your room.I've heard that set up with the Snappers and it is the most dynamic sound I've ever heard.
you could just get a good subwoofer. I don't think the switch to a different tube type will give you what you're looking for.
With the Gallo sub amp it will be like having stereo sub woofers,and they blend in perfectly wth the rest of the speakers
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