Tube amp/preamp for B&W CDM 9NTs

I'm considering upgrading to separates but want to keep my CDM 9NTs. I'm running a Marantz SR8000 now but decided to move strictly to 2-channel audio. My budget is around $3k. I'm also open to a good integrated. If you have suggestions outside of tubes, I'd like to hear them too. FYI, the B&Ws are rated at 90dB sensitivity. Thanks! Bob
Despite its sencitivity being higher than average I'd still recommend to shop in above 100Wpc range:
AudioResearch VT100, VTL-MB125, QuickSilver M90.
For preamp the ultimate ones for me are among McCormack that are best for budget and performance.
Also you should consider as "outside of tubes" McCormack DNA125.
I also guess that tubes may sound too bright with CDMs.
I would recommend a VAC preamp and a VAC PA100 amp which you should be able to purchase for about three grand. This combo drives N802's admirably well and should mate well with your 9NT's. The VAC gear is very well made, reliable, and excellent sounding. Tube rolling can tailor the amp to your preferences.
I agree with Rhljazz.
I had VAC pre and PA100/100 driving B&W CDM 7NT.
Great sounding combo.
You would be hard pressed to better the reliablity and customer service of VAC.
Thanks for the info so far. I'll definitely add all these recommendations to my list for consideration.