Tube Amp recommendations to drive Klipsch Forte III

Looking for a good tube amp to pair with Klipsch Forte IIIs. I like my DAC/pre-amp. But I'm open to Integrated.  
Back in the late 80's I had Klipsch Forte's.  Great speaker's but during those years I could not afford a proper amp. Years later, I'm retired and recently moved to Cabin in the mountains.  My current system will soon be sold and I'm looking for speakers to go with an old Jolida JD-1000a and the Forte's are high on my list.  The Jolida is a EL-34 based integrated amp which based on my old acoustic memory would be a great match with the Fortes.  The amp has plenty of power to drive the conventional driver and the EL-34's to smooth out them horn drivers.  Jolida has had a name change of name to Black Ice.  Same great owners and product.
Music Reference RM-10 Mk.2.

Now there's an amp I'd love to add to the stable someday!
Just tried pairing my Luxman MQ-88uC with my Forte III's.  There's no magic to be had here.  I tried the 4,8, and 16 ohm posts....sounded best on 8 ohms as expected, but after 45 minutes of trying I couldn't wait to get the Leben back in.  The Leben CS-300xs has oodles more synergy with the Forte III's.  I will keep my Luxman amp paired with the O/96's, where it obviously thrives.
Just another reminder of how real audio system /components synergy is. I’ve read posts where some scoff at the idea of synergy and believe if a audio product is good it should fit systems universally. This is not the case. It is not that simple. BTW, how is the Leben with the Devore Orangutans?