Tube amp s : Solving the base problem.

I asked my friend Mark Stephens of Hot Rod Audio to convert a pair of antique magnavox tube chasses to monaural amps for my bi-wired Jon Anderson tower speakers: The result is 24+ tube amp watts per speaker with the internal crossovers handling the separate leads to the base and mid/high-end connections: Clean highs, fast mid-range attack and jaw-dropping base; complete separation, seamless delivery and, above all, that sweet tube sound. I recommend the concept without reservation.
Glad it worked out so well.Did you pull the amps from an old console type stereo?
Bass notes, base sound. You'll have to ask Mark for his sources for the chasses: What sets the amps apart is high-grade materials used in re-wiring them. The low end really is wonderful: If it got any better, I'd be selling tickets.