Tube Amplifier for Avalon Arcus

A friend of mine has a pair of the Arcus, and I think they are very fine speakers. Their only ommission is the lowest octave - but they are very musical, image well, etc. He borrowed a pair of my VTL MB-450's (now for sale), and fell in love with that combination. However, the 450's are a tad on the expensive side for him, and he'd rather have a stereo amplifier anyhow. Any recommendations for him? He's been looking for a VTL ST-150, but they are just not coming up on market these days. His preamp is a VTL 2.5.

Thanks, Peter
I use a CJ Prem 11 on a pair of Avalon Ascendants, modified by Bill Thalman, and love it with a CJ Prem 14 pre-amp. However, I also bought a pair of Prem 12 monoblocks, which Bill is modifying as well. What I liked about the CJ gear over the VTL ST-150 (which I also have) is that they CJ gear is a little softer in the top, which is my preference in my room. I'm not saying the VTL is bright; it's just a bit more revealing.
I reccommend Jadis Defy 7 (mark III or higher) or integrated DA88s. The match is made in heaven. Very natural, sweet, happy, addictive, just for music lovers.
I've tried to match my Ascendants with Accuphase, Cary, Krell, Dartzeel amps and none of them is not even close.

Don't forget about Stealth, Siltech, Stereovox ICs/speaker cables.
I am the friend referenced in the original post- my enthusiasm for the VTL MB-450 had to do with the bass control these amps exerted on the Avalons. It is possible the tonal balance was tipped up just a touch in the highs, but overall I found the combo made me (and a number of friends) sit up and pay attention. Links I found to the Jadis suggested it's very smooth, but probably out of my price range. Anyone have any experience with Cary equipment and these speakers?