Tube amplifier to power Sonus Faber speakers?

I recently purchased a new pair of Sonus Faber Olympica 3 speakers. They are 90DB and a 4 ohm load. I've always preferred tube amplification and am finding it a challenge to identify a good match for these speakers. I'm not a kt88 fanbut rather 300B or something of that ilk. I tried an 845 based amp but found it edgy and limited in power and dynamics. Any suggestions from Sonus Faber owners is most welcome.
I certainly relate to the preference for Tube amplifiers but you must have the proper speaker for a good match. Some speakers simply require SS based on their design load characteristics . The 300b is a wonderful tube but not with all speakers.
or you may try also KR Audio amplifiers....sort of half way between the tube and power of SS.
"Since the minimum recommended amplifier requirements for your speakers, according to Sonus Faber, is 50 wpc, I think you can forget about 300B tubes or something of that ilk. Unless you can swing a pair of VAC Renaissance 70/70 monoblocks. That's 65 wpc of push-pull 300B's, total of (8) 300B tubes could be costly."

I have a VAC 30/30 myself. It can easily drive the OP's speakers. I had mine on a pair of Martin Logan SL-3's for a few years and never lacked for power.
I would like to suggest ARC as a tube amp to consider. FWIW, I believe ARC is currently using SF as its reference speakers when checking the performance of its gear.

That should be no surprise since SF and ARC are member companies of the Fine Sounds Group. This may be a leap of faith on my part, but that might permit an inference that ARC and SF make for a good match.

The specific ARC amp you might want to consider is the Ref 75. This pup has garnered quite a bit of favorable comments. I own its big brother, the Ref 150. The two amps share similar circuitry and probably share a similar house sound.

Not sure how much you want to spend, but the ARC Ref 75 is a keeper.