Tube Amplifiers?

I am new to tube amps (I've had several tube pre-amps) and was wondering what people's thoughts are on the following: VTL-ST85, VTL TT-25, Anthem AMP 1, Rogue 88 and Quicksilver Minimites. I'd like to keep the cost around $1500
Rogue is the best of this list to me. I am not that big a fan of VTL. Especially their amps with LOTS of tubes. Too difficult to coordinate all those tubes into a coherent piece, in my opinion. My recommendation would be to get another of the Quicksilver products. Try the KT88s or the Silver Sixty. Should fit easily into your budget. A bit more tubey than the Rogues, if you like that sort of sound.
Hi Robk No one mentioned the Anthem Amp1,and from reading the reviews this unit is probably great bang for the buck. I will have one in my system by fri(jan 5). Give me a little time to burn it in and I'll let you know.
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Tubes are not the whole story. I am as guilty of this generalization as anyone here. But, look at Air Tight as an example. They can use KT88 or EL34, depending on which model. Why is it that Jolida, Rogue, CJ, etc. cannot do the things that an Air Tight can? Transformers, circuits, parts(and quality thereof), wiring, etc(all of the stuff we usually talk about with ss products). We tend to focus on tubes because that is the one area of a tube amp we can easily alter. I compare it to gas in a car. We can't switch out the engine, but we can change the fuel.