Tube amps for classical music FU29 vs EL34

I'm not familuar with the sound of different tubes/tube amps. I have a a Jadis intergrated has 4 KT90's, and has a good sound, but the speakers limit the amp. Soon to be rectified, new speakers with a 87db rating late this summer. But I'd like to get another amp for primary system, keep the Jadis for a second system. I'm looking at 2 tube amps, one has 4 EL34's the other 4FU29's, both intergrated amps. I'm guessing the EL's will sound like the KT90's, and have more bass end. But with classical, I can forgo some "punch". The FU's look like it may offer more complexity in the mids, for orchestration and vocals/opera. Right track?
IMHO, the best setup I've ever heard with classical music came from lower power amp with coxial speakers.
I heard this setup while walking around in Akihabara "The electronic town" in Tokyo back in 1998. These Jensen imperials are the best by far. The depth and with of sound stage is amazing.

I've heard B&W nautilus 801s with Nakamichi Nero ( propane tank shape ) amp and it was very good too. However, it is still sounded "aritificial" when compared to the old Jensens.

You'll only realize the difference once you hear them.

Happy listening
As I remeber Jadis used KT-88's in the origional amps and they pushed the hell out of the tube, thats why the Chinese KT-88 did not hold up since it was really rated for 35 watts plate dispation and the screen was 4 watts.
The best choice of tube would be the JJ-KT-88 or the winged C KT-88 true Svetlana not the new sensor KT-88 that says Svetlana.
EL-43 is a great tube but at best its a 25 watt tube and the screen disapation is really not rated for the power pushed in Jadis since its ultra linear tap, although a 1k- 2 watt reaistor could be inserted on pin 4 for the screen tap.
this will take the heat off the screen of the EL-34's, KT-90 was molded around sweep tube design, but has a screen voltage increase so it could be run ultra linear screen tap configuration rather than most sweep tubes running 250 volts max screen.
KT-77 is a good tube but where can you find them now I sold my stock of 10 NOS KT-77's years ago and I find the 6CA7 to be equal to the KT-77 and Groove tubes has a nice American 6CA7-GE worth looking at.
i am running a fu29 4 tube Cayun 590 thru some antique Maggie 2a's(which i rebuilt) and with great results. i have been through numerous amps including a Classe' DR 10 (transistor) and other EL34 amps.i have never seen such tubes and immeditelly put the cage back on when i viewed them!Sorry but this fu29 amp blows everything out of the state! and with clarity. i am not a hard rock guy but these tubes seem to fit the bill for all tastes.
You can run most any everyday non triode output tube in the JOR, beyond the 6L6 variety.

KT90 is the most powerful. EL34 sound much different (softer) and less powerful, though there is no penalty in terms of life, and the standard Orchestra uses this tube. KT88 are not run hard, as the amp is not autobias, and must be set for the tube. In fact, the bias settings are much on the conservative side, and my experience is a set of tubes should easily last 5 years (I got 7 on the KT90, with A LOT of playing), which is far more than the normal two years most high end tube amp manufacturers suggest.
re: my entry of 10-05-04
the amp is a cayin 590 not cajun. sorry. it has 6ohm outputs which may explain it's smothness with my older Magnaplaners. the fu29 tube is far superior in clarity for any music source than my previous el34 based amp.