Tube amps for Dyn C1 and Sonos/HT?

Hi, I'm interested in recommendations for tube amps for C1 Dynaudio speakers.
The speakers are going in a 20' square 5.1 home theater w/ a Piega ribbon center speaker, mirage omnipolar rear speakers w/ a Denon 3803 receiver. A Sonos ZP90 feeds the denon from an adjacent wifi router, maybe a NAS later.
All the other pieces can be changed if strongly recommended.
My favorite sound was from quad 57's years ago but needed more slam.
Ran some JC1's w/ Piega P10's and a wadia CDP years ago which didn't sound great. Didn't like "warm" speakers I heard in a hifi store years ago. Live in the boonies now w/ no place to listen to stuff.
Would love to feed the amps directly somehow from the HT feed, and the SONOS as needed. Maybe a CDP too.
Budget is 5Kish max? Almost bought a pass x250.5 but it was sold. If one can get 85% of a great sound for 50% of the price that'd be what I'm looking for.
Thank you for any suggestions!
i think VTL 450s would be perfect on Dyn C1, but haven't tried the combo.

Pass X250.5 was the best i ever had on my C1s.
We have had great results from Octave...newly distributed in the US by Dynaudio...incredible build quality, great value, and very synergistic with the Dynaudio range.

The V40SE integrated would fit your budget constraint plus has an HT pass-thru to interface seamlessly with your Denon.