Tube amps that kick ass?

I'd like to find a high powered tube amp that can deliver all the magic that tubes are known for AND that kicks butt. Solid, tight bass with good authority. Dynamic, quick, but handles the little information (micro) sweetly as well. A tube amp that will play rock and roll at realistic volumes – the way rock in roll was meant to be enjoyed - and still sound great.

Any ideas? 10K or under? preferably 5K or so

Thanks for all responses.
Want good all around and good bass? Cary CAD 120's with Gold Lions. You must also have a good preamp too.
This OP started in 2009, and now 2013 :)
You gotta try the Carver 180 or 305 - kick ass tube amp.
I used to own Cary 120S, old AS MA1- now the Carver 180 with KT120 tubes. Very powerful tube amp and very sweet sounding
Just got my VAC 450 monos back from Florida after having an on-rush circuit as well as auto-bias circuitry installed in each amp, plus a few more tweaks that remain confidential to VAC.

After only a day, I now have startlingly realistic sound, unlike anything I have heard anywhere. Tight, commanding bass, extended sweet highs, great imaging, PRAT, etc., etc. Best bass I've ever heard from a tube amp anywhere, as well as the legendary VAC mid-range, with imaging and musicality to spare. Definitely get my vote in the tube "kick-ass" category.
I heard a system once with DCS source, VTL pre-amp, and hefty VAC amps driving Magico mini speakers in a smaller dealer demo room. THis combo was uniquely striking and reference quality in particular in its ability to deliver orchestral strings from standard CD in an exceptionally realistic sounding manner. So it "kicked ass" in that particular way, and was no slouch otherwise as well. The VAC monoblock amps were particularly striking aesthetically as well. Dealer mentioned some kind of automatic tube bias system in the VAC gear. DOn't know the details of how that worked, but it was working quite well that particular day.
Fplanner2000 - VAC rules the roost for me. I've never heard anything better - including ARC, Mc, VTL and numerous others. I'm saving for a pair of VAC phi200's.