Tube amps with Apogee Scintilla's your thoughts ?

I should receive my Apogee Scintilla's tomorrow. Just wondering what is going to happen when I throw the switch to the on position on my old VTL 300 mono's.
Will they handle it or will they expire ?
These are the original 1 ohm version. If there are any users (past or present), what kind of amps did you use on your Scintilla's ? thanks for your thoughts (prayers for the vtl's might help)
I heard a ARC D-250 driving the big Apogees in a good set up in a stereo store years ago. It was pretty amazing.
Yeah, Apogees are old and have been around for quite a few years now. Yeah, you have to buy them used and hope that they don't buzzzz on you. Yeah, they are inefficient but there are plenty of amps around these days that can handle that. Yeah, there are several installers that can update them but that can get pricey. Yeah, shipping them is a big risk since they are ribbons and fragile. Yeah, they are a PITA to set up properly.

BUT ... once you hear them you may never want to own another pair of speakers.
One of those things that sounds risky on paper but might still be interesting to try. Anything is possible anywhere from sounding quite good to damaging the amp. I would not expect it to be the best possible technical pairing on paper possible though in general.

The thing is good performance is always a good thing but one can still have what is perceived to be good sound even if teh overall performance is far from optimal. It just means that there are better things possible, not that what you have does not sound good.
Audio Research VT200 tube amps have 1 OHM taps, the MK2 version is the better one to have.