Tube and SS pairs

I was wondering what are the advantages/ disadvantages of tube preamp with SS amp versus SS preamp with tube amp combinations.

I can see the cost advantage of wanting to add more of a tube sound to an existing SS amp. But I was primarily curious about the different sound characteristics of each set up, theoretical and hopefully from your experience.

Thanks in advance
As with all things audio, generalizations are well.....generalizations. 

For example, I've found that my Soundlab electrostatic speakers are better controlled and produce deeper more controlled bass when using CAT or Atma-sphere tube amplification vs Mark Levinson, Parasound and Pass Labs solid state amplification.  When first inserted, the CAT's control and bass abilities were quite profound and instantaneously recognizable.  Now, that's not to say a solid state wouldn't be better, simply because I've never heard one that is.  In the scheme of things, I've heard very few amps with my speakers. 

The ss vs tube question is such a difficult one because the variables are so unlimited -- i.e. dozens, if not 100's of applicable ss amps, an equal or greater number of pre-amps, cables and front ends.  Which supports my generalization point.  I've found tubes to work with my speakers.  But a ss amp may work equally as well or better.  I just haven't found one yet.  So the tube vs ss question is NOT one that is easily answered, or in my mind, really relevant.

But an electrostatic speaker's amplification needs are different than a cone and dome speaker's needs.  With different speakers and even different models of the aforementioned solid state amplifiers, the results could have been different; hence my point about generalizations.   

So, with any certainty, unfortunately, it's impossible to generalize about the use of a tube pre-amp as opposed to a ss pre-amp coupled to a ss amp or even a tube amp.  

I can understand your question, because I've been there many times.  But until I auditioned a CAT JL1 amplifier against my Mark Levinson 336 ss amp, and Parasound JC1 monoblocks, I too wouldn't had thought the difference would be so dramatic.  Now, I may have simply run into a tube amp that was different from the pack.  The CAT having house-wound 55lb transformers in each monoblock, certainly makes a difference.  Whose to say that sort of design decision doesn't significantly blur the tube vs ss generalized differences.  Which brings up the fact that I believe the designer and design is more important than the amplification path (ss vs tubes) that is chosen.    

I guess what I'm saying is you not only need to try a tube pre-amp, you need to try several dozens of pre-amp brands in order to judge what tubes do in your system's case.  If you picked several different tube and ss pre-amps, you may be surprised to find that the difference between them based solely on their design (tubes vs ss), isn't as easily discernible as they are oftentimes generalized to be.

In my case, I ended up with a tube pre- & SS amp because of my speakers, Thiel CS 3.5’s. When I first got the Thiels (I’m the second owner), I was driving them with a SS integrated. With it, the Thiels were ruthlessly revealing...poorly recorded material was so harshly presented, it was almost unlistenable. 

So, in effort to tame some of that harshness, as well as introduce some of that tube-sound into my system, I got an Audio Research LS-7 line-stage. I looked at matching the LS-7 with an ARC tube amp. However, I got a lesson in component matching from several great members here:  the Thiels were simply not a great match for the tube amps that were in my budget. Additionally, because of the music I listen to the most (mostly rock, rest Latin/Bossa nova & Jazz), I really didn’t need that extra warmth tubes were going to provide. What I needed was dynamic speed, bass & control. So I went with an ARC D-240 Mk. II SS amp. The two ARC pieces together have been wonderful. Since then, I’ve added an ARC PH-3 tubes phono-stage as well. 

IMO, if you’re going to mix & match, you can’t go wrong with having tubes in the source & pre- stages. However, depending on your speakers & the type of music you prefer, SS may be a better option. I will admit that the advantage of ease-of-use & maintenance are other SS advantages, but I would put those aside because if you’re looking for that lush, warm glow that only tubes have to go all tube. 

Hope you’re enjoying the music...

Audio Research Ref 2 into Pass X350 into Martin Logan Ascent i. Generally I think SS amps are less critical of speaker loading than tube power amps and it’s easier to get more power and current from SS.

With that said there are plenty of good tube amp / speaker combinations out there it just takes a little more effort to find that combo.
Thanks for the replies and examples posted.

I realize my question was a little vague so I would like to rephrase it just to look at it from a different angle:

If you were to build a system from the ground up, would you get a SS amp to mate with a tube pre amp or a tube amp to mate with a SS preamp? I'm mainly interested in the difference of sound it would produce - theoretical or from experience. Maybe there is no answer or significant difference or it hasn't been studied so to speak. 

Thanks again
Not to make the question more complicated, but if your source was cd, preamp -SS, and amp- tube, would you then have more signal/information loss, maybe more harmonic distortion than a simpler, one time, digital to analog conversion?

On a different note, once I bypassed my preamp and connected my CD player to my SS amp with short directional audioquest cables and was amazed with the improvement - I had to be careful though with the recording level of the CD. Most CDs were too loud for this.