Tube arch

Ok I’ll keep this short. So my last post was about a tube arc. Took out a resistor on one of my Audio Research Ref 750s. I replaced the resistor and put in a matching KT150. My question is how can I avoid this from happening again. Someone said that when the tubes get up there in hours there is a very good chance of an arc will happen again. After a certain amount of hours should I just change all the 18 KT150s ? Even if they still sound good ? Btw. I have always had SS amps and pre amps. I finally bought an Audio Research REF 6 pre a few years ago and had it upgraded to the 6SE. But as far as tubes amps the Audio Research REF 750s are my first tube amps. This will always be on my mind now especially when the hours of the tubes start reaching a high hour number. Thank you. Mike. Ps I heard that this was a pretty rare thing to have happened and it was probably caused by shipping.

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In general Audio Research recommends changing/replacing output tubes in their amplifiers every 2000 hours. Assuming you have the owner's manual, you should be able to confirm same. Another suggestion would be to periodically check the individual output tube bias.

Keep in mind there are many factors that can possibly affect output tube life; correct bias settings, thermal temperatures, speaker load, how hard the amplifiers are regularly driven, and yes, even the quality of the AC they're being feed. 

The getter turning brown does indicate the tube has a lot of hours. A lot. When I started playing with rectifiers and antique tube types I bought a tube tester. Best accessory ever.... Kept me from putting a bad new 5r4gy in my new 300b . Paid for itself .

Any noise or weirdness and I pull the tube and test it. My tester also has a test that suggests whether the tube will have a good life. Not foolproof but it definitely helps weed out bad tubes....

I love tubes, but they come with their fair share of maintenance.

I went to the Dark Side this week and bought a new Cyrus integrated amp. It’s for a bedroom system . It is perfectly suited for that. The best part of owning it is that I don’t have to worry about turning it on and off for brief periods of use.... something that is not good for tubes.

I am waiting on speakers for this amp so it has been in my main listening room. It is a great little amp. I have been enjoying the hell out of it with several different speakers. While it doesn’t sound like my tube amps it is a welcome addition.

It also has Auto Off so I don’t have to worry about falling asleep in front of a tube amp , Definitely a lot safer than dozing off in front of a pair of mono EL34 amps ......

I have a quad of GL KT 88 that I use as a spare set. They look old, and they are ...they have a ton of hours on them. Still sound very good , and test within 100 Micromhos of their original test data , so you never know.

Unfortunately some amps lose the bias resistor when a tube fails. My Anthem Amp 1 would do that. I replaced several in that unit.