Tube based phono stage

I am looking for a new phono stage to use with Feikert Volare TT, Soundsmith Zephyr cartidge, Leben CS 600 and Devore O93 speakers.  Looking for a rich sounding, musical amp.  Tubes definitely a possibility.  Price range around 3 K.  Thanks,  MP
I agree with the Allnic suggestion.....there is a new base model available. The Tron Convergence is another option that hits way above its price point but may be only available direct from Tron if you live in the USA. The Allnic is more flexible when it comes to loading values....
I’d also take a look at what Tavish has to offer. They make some fantastic phono stages. Good luck with your search. 
may i recommend the Abbas Audio EL84 based RIAA.  Ukrainian manufacturer in style of Audio Note UK.  I have his phono stage and a Dac 2.3 SE and his gear sounds incredible.

makes versions for both US and elsewhere (voltage wise).

extraordinary transparency.  amazing bass.  great dynamics.  so quiet.  an amazing product and i'm not the only one who thinks it is good for the price (i think).

My setup similar to yours with Audio Note Kit speakers and tube integrated amp etc.
oh he advertises on ebay.  search for a seller called abbasaudio if you are interested.  he also has a website.  he puts stock up on ebay as his crew makes it.  you need to check often and be quick.

2 versions of phono.  i am vouching for the big one that is el84 based.