Tube Buffers worth it?

I own a SS Mac setup (352 with C41) with B&W 803S. It's sounds fantastic. I also have Musical Fidelity XRayV3 I am using as transport with DACV3.

How many out there have experience with X10V3 buffer or any other Manufacturer (Space tech, etc.).

Is there any tube add on that is going to make a significant improvement?
In my experience with the MF, they don't make an improvement so much as change the character of the sound. That's strictly a matter of personal taste. If you want tube sound and an improvement as well, a better (but far more expensive) move would be to upgrade to a tubed preamp.

I guess if someone had edgy solid state gear at the budget end of the spectrum, it might make sense. But in your case, I question the wisdom of sending the signal through yet another device and set of interconnects in search of an "improvement."
The Z Man Tube buffer was better than the MF in my system.Search web for Z Man review.JD
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