Tube Cosmetics

I'm thinking of going "tubular", but have very little experience with tubes. I did try out a Golden Tube SE40 some years back, and one of the things that fascinated me was the purple glow around the Sovtek 5881 power tubes. My question is, do all tubes (for example EL34s) glow purple, or just 5881s? Are there any other tubes that look especially cool lit up? This may sound frivolous, but I think we all secretly covet cool looking stuff! This is a second system, and I want it to be different and fun.
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If you want some glow, check out Sweet merc. vapor rectifiers that glow purple, way more (and for different reasons) than the occasional power tube.

Buy the amp you like the sound of and then order Tesla power tubes in sky blue glass. They are available for EL34 and KT88 in normal or matched pairs.
Great advice Albert. I will add that the JJ(Tesla, Teslovak) output tubes sound really good too.