Tube Curious - Preamp Suggestions

I'm considering replacing my SS preamp (Parasound JC2) with a tube preamp. I enjoy my system but it leans a bit towards the analytical side. I'm looking for a more musical presentation.

The ARC Ref 3 has piqued my interest and is within my budget. Any opinions on how my system may change (for better or worse)?

Pro-Ject RM10.1
Sonos Music Streamer
Oppo Universal disc
Bryston BDA-1 DAC
ARC PH8 Phono preamp
Parasound JC2 preamp
Bel Canto Ref 1000 Monos (to be replaced with Pass Labs XA60.5)
B&W 804D
The ARC is fine. I also would recommend any of the Shindo Amps. Very smooth balanced sound. It will transform your system
Well I'm going to go ahead and disagree with the first two responses. I've owned a few ARC preamps, including the Ref 3. If you are looking for a more musical, less analytical sound, the ARC sound is not for you. ARC represents the more modern, transparent, articulate tube sound, not the older, warm and musical tube sound.

If you are seeking more musical sound, I would suggest that you look towards conrad johnson, Cary, Shindo.
BAT preamps are definitely not analytical. Maybe not as lush as Cary, but add a good amount of the tube "magic"

Canary is another worth looking at in that price range
Appreciate the feedback. I'll look into the other preamps.

Mapman - When you say you use the sp16 with the same amps, are you referring to the Bel Canto's or Pass Labs?