Tube Dealer Recommendation

Hi There,

I am hoping to re-tube my Cary SLI-80 amplifier with NOS tubes. Specifically looking to change out the 6922 and 6SN&. There seems to be quite a few tube dealers out there. Anyone have recommendations for well regarded tube dealers whose integrity, tube knowledge and tube selection skills you trust? If you prefer, feel free to private message me.

Thanks for your help.
All of the above recommendations are spot on. I especially like Jim McShane and Kevin Deal. Like Wolf, the Tubestore replaced a questionable pair of tubes for me; they were courteous, fast, problem solved.
Jim McShane and Brent Jessee. These guys know tubes. Never dealt with Kevin at UpScale Audio but even Jim McShane recommends him or Andy at Vintage tubes but he is supposed to be one of the best from what I have read.