Tube fever...845 SET w/ Avalon

I'm seriously considering a switchover from my beloved Rowland 302 to a relatively high powered parallel 845-based SET -- the Mastersound 845 Reference. Speakers are Avalon Eidolon Diamonds.

Can anyone offer commentary on the ability of a high current 40 WPC amp to drive Eidolon Diamonds in a fairly small listening room? I realize that the majority of Eidolon Diamond owners would recommend either CAT, Atma-Sphere, VTL, BAT, LAMM, ARC or Tenor. These high powered amps will certainly deliver better, more defined low frequencies -- but the 40WPC SET may have an advantage in the mids and highs.

Any thoughts or recommendations? TIA.
Not familiar with the Avalons, but I would encourage you to continue down that road, as a properly executed 845 can be MAGICAL! best of luck!
I know nothing about your particular choices--and one may wonder why I'm writing-- :-) --but I too use SETs on relatively insensitive speakers.

I had 86dB-sensitive Quad 989s, bought 50-Watt ASL 805s, and LOVED the combination. I have a largish (3200CF) room, but my peak listening levels rarely exceed 95dBa, so that combination worked well.

Then I got antsy and bought some speakers I could tweak--Eminent Tech. 8s. I LOVE the 8s--they're clean, quick, spacious, and have the EXCELLENT bass the 989s didn't, but they're 2dB LESS sensitive than the 989s. I thought the 805s would have enough gain and power for the 11-Ohm 8s using the 16-Ohm output taps, but the amps still sound a little too hard when driven in the upper half of their power range, and that's rather often. So...I've just ordered ASL Hurricanes.

Whether you'll be satisfied with your prospective combination depends on how loudly you listen, even in a small room. BTW you might consider the ASL 1009 845, a 60-Watt, double-845-based amp. 1.2dB more power isn't much, but it may be enough to satisfy you.

Of course, ultimately only you can determine if your prospective combo will work well, and sometimes even that takes weeks or least it did for me.

Good luck.
For 845 amp, I've tried many different. IMO, Mastersound Reference 845 is the best. I did compare this amp with Nagra, Cary, Dehavillen, Art Audio quartet.. etc.