Tube help

I just purchased a pair of Cary 805c monos that came with a pair of KR 300bxls tubes. The tops of the amps got a little dusty so I lightly (with a soft cloth)wipe the amps and tubes off and notice that one of the $500 tubes is loose in its base. HALP!!! I google to find a white paper about KR patented design and perfection in execution, and sure enough there it is in black and white. Number nine: " Perfection in joining the socket to the glass ( it is impossible that the bulb part loosens from the socket)

Can this thing be fixed?
Try finding some "Gap filling" SuperGlue(cyanoacrylate adhesive). It's thicker than the regular SuperGlue. If you trickle some of that between the base and the envelope, then flash cure it with a shot of Zip Kicker Accelerator(By Pacer), it MAY cure the problem. The heat generated by tubes will break down most glues/epoxies very quickly.
I used strait super glue itself in the past with ok results,
but next time I may try Rodmans method.With a glued tube base,
I always use the base to remove it for testing to be on safe
side.Those wires from the tube to the base break real easy.
Fortunately the loose base should not affect the operating performance of the tube. Just be careful and handle it only by the base when taking it out.
I misunderstood your question, thinking you were seeking a method to affect a repair(on your own). Contact KR, and see what they say:
I'v found some glue/cement from Emission Labs. It's got a 14 day cure time. Soos in goes some EH. Wouldn't it be funny if the EH sounded better. Thanks to all And shall powdered sugar fall upon your ears.